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Public engagement and outreach will be carried out to educate society on the results of the project and the benefits of marine microbiome biodiversity.

Planned outreach activities include:

  • New dynamic communication products such as animations, videos and interactive tools
  • Exhibitions embedded in the Naturalis Museum and at the microbial zoo Micropia Amsterdam. Naturalis Museum is one of the leading natural history museums worldwide with over 400,000 visitors each year and has about 42 million specimens of plants, fungi, animals, fossils, rocks and minerals! Micropia Amsterdam is the only museum of its kind, displaying the invisible world of microorganisms!
  • A dynamic MARBLES exhibition stand for dissemination of the project at key events e.g. Leiden European City of Science 2022, World Ocean Day, Maritime Day etc.
  • A final outreach event as well as an industry brokerage event will be organised towards the end of the project to showcase MARBLES' results to the public in an accessible and understanding way.

MARBLES outreach activities and resources will be made available here. This page will be updated regularly, so make sure to check back again soon!

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