Steering Committee

The Steering Committee (SC) is composed of a representative from each beneficiary and is responsible for the coordination of the research activities from all partners involved in the work packages. The SC arrange for the timely execution and preparation of deliverables to assure that the objectives are attained. Thus, the SC allows for focused and comprehensive monitoring of the WP status measured against deliverable and milestone planning, control of deliverable timeliness and quality in order to ensure timely and accurate work plan follow-up, early identification of possible technical and organisational problems and for trouble shooting. If necessary, the SC can request another member of the consortium to join the SC to represent a particular area of work or expertise. The SC keep the Coordinator informed of the development and progress status on a regular basis.

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    Gilles van Wezel, ULEI

  • image-68edd22319818e62ae00aaa56abc93efe2736a53-200x250-jpg

    Mariana Avalos Garcia, ULEI

  • image-c15db152d6ac8348718bc1d6036c16f067fe4304-1690x2366-jpg

    Alan Dobson, UCC

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    Lone Gram, DTU

  • image-8142c7b76b195705bb896144079d9f206ea6c7a6-200x200-jpg

    Marcel Jaspars, UNIABN

  • image-d67cd4159f02dba6815d75092536bf079349c2ad-333x400-png

    Olga Genilloud, MEDINA

  • image-8d3f013be38b475438452d5ee7fa345c93cbc79b-200x200-jpg

    Thomas Vanagt, ABSint

  • image-44ba2c712397500ba227cf19e35cd14c43e756d9-1280x857-jpg

    Avril Hanbidge, ERINN

  • image-da0e2b67f3d264725e80f537aaa1535ab2f7533a-180x180-jpg

    Alexander Wentzel, SINTEF

  • image-1fe64e7b709655b1f9dc6814f7d9ed8e0e588a2f-853x954-jpg

    Marnix Medema, WU

  • image-6394e146e4ce221b2c803b7c2bc4d9fc893c887e-400x400-jpg

    Stefano Donadio, NAICONS

  • image-cbdacf8a923c4763f9a96ad9aacbcaf6267027f4-714x500-jpg

    Koos Biesmeijer, NATURALIS

  • image-2a9da77e8652708d6a5b1452ec99ec75845d8968-336x440-jpg

    Jörn Piel, ETHZ

  • image-e649d28748fe1740ab42e039937200d776e90674-128x128-jpg

    Philip Gribbon, Fraunhofer

  • image-7c8f3d8903141d4f1a14289e8744d0f9755e8d7b-500x500-jpg

    Bahne Stechmann, EU-OS