Role in project

MEDINA is a non-profit research organization focused on the discovery of novel bioactive molecules from microbial natural products to be developed as new drugs and high value biotechnology products. MEDINA is focusing its research activities on the discovery of new bioactive natural products from its unique microbial collections (190.000 strains) and NPs libraries (200.000 samples) taking advantage of its HTS capacities, assay development and validation tools as high capacity screening center of the new European infrastructure EU-OPENSCREEN ERIC.

MEDINA will coordinate WP5 and will be directly involved in the generation of focused libraries and the activity profiling of the libraries of extracts and compounds generated in the project, and the scale-up production of nominated candidates for the bioprocess development and validation of new product applications. Within WP4, MEDINA will be directly involved in the isolation and structural elucidation of new bioactive candidate compounds.