Role in project

EU-OPENSCREEN ERIC is the European Infrastructure of Open Screening Platforms for Chemical Biology and brings together chemical biology networks and partner institutions for high-throughput screening and medicinal chemistry across eight European countries. The international not-for-profit EU-OPENSCREEN ERIC (European Research Infrastructure Consortium) was founded in April 2018, with Germany as the host country, and is jointly funded by eight countries on a long-term basis. As a research infrastructure, it provides access to expertise, resources and technologies required for the development of novel chemical 'tool' compounds for all fields of the Life Sciences, incl. molecular, cell, plant, structural and microbiology; synthetic and medicinal chemistry; pharmacology and early drug discovery.

In MARBLES, EU-OPENSCREEN participates in WP4 (Small Molecules – Generation of Chemical Diversity) and WP5 (Screening and validation) and will store the validated, pure compounds to make them accessible for a wider scientific community on a long-term sustainable basis, beyond the lifetime of MARBLES.