Role in project

ERINN is a young dynamic Irish SME established in March 2017 by the team behind the highly successful science communication company, AquaTT. Working with innovative environmental, health and sustainable science projects, ERINN specialises in ensuring that new scientific knowledge is effectively transferred to create maximum positive impact across multiple sectors. Building on AquaTT’s almost 30 years of experience in the EU funding landscape, ERINN’s aim is to use effective knowledge management and transfer to bridge the gap from science to policy, industry and society.

ERINN is leader of WP7 – Dissemination, Communication, IP Protection, Knowledge Management & Transfer and Stakeholder Engagement. ERINN will also participate in WP6. ERINN is well suited to carry out these tasks, since ERINN staff have wide and professional experience in implementing communication, dissemination and knowledge management and transfer activities in projects funded under Horizon 2020 (H2020) and other EU Funding Programmes.